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Maryann Reissig

Senior Web Developer

Maryann has been in the web development game for over 20 years, using her skills to help out both local businesses and organizations, as well as the higher education sector. She is a WordPress expert, who loves to find new ways to help people make their websites better.

Maryann’s ultimate goal is to create a diverse and welcoming community around her work, so that everyone can benefit from her expertise. From creating custom plugins for clients to helping them grow their web presence, she’s always looking for ways to make things easier for those she works with.

Maryann is currently a web developer focusing on accessibility. As a side-gig, she develops websites for various small businesses and non-profits. They’re mostly labors of love. She’s also a past organizer for WordCamp Rochester and WPCampus.

Maryann Reissig

My working hours are in the following time zone: America/New_York

My region is: New York, USA

Topics I speak about include:

  • Accessibility
  • Community

Language(s) I can present in:

  • English



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