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James Kemp is a UK-based entrepreneur best known for his contributions to the WooCommerce ecosystem. As the founder of IconicWP, Orderable, and Setary, he has developed a variety of tools and plugins that enhance the functionality of WooCommerce stores and improve the eCommerce experience for both businesses and consumers​​.

IconicWP, one of his most well-known ventures, offers easy-to-use WooCommerce plugins designed to seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme. These plugins, trusted by over 20,000 businesses, are created with the goal of boosting sales and improving customer experience. They provide features such as easy customization, theme compatibility, and timely updates to ensure stores remain profitable and efficient. The commitment to world-class support sets IconicWP apart, with a team dedicated to responding to queries and issues within 24 hours​​.

Kemp’s second venture, Orderable, is a WooCommerce plugin designed specifically for restaurants. It offers a wide range of features including zero-fee transactions, mobile-first design, multi-location support, and easy menu creation. The plugin also supports advanced features like product addons, order bumps, and scheduling options. The goal of Orderable is to provide restaurant owners with a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool to manage their online orders and optimize their checkout process​​.

Finally, Setary is a product management tool that allows users to bulk edit WooCommerce products and variations in a fast and efficient manner. It has advanced features like inline editing, product meta & custom field editing, and AI-enhanced descriptions. Setary also supports multi-store management and promises significant time savings for users. Moreover, it offers different pricing plans designed to meet the needs of both small businesses and agencies​​.

James Kemp’s contributions to the WooCommerce space have made him a leading figure in the industry. His focus on creating user-friendly, efficient, and powerful tools has benefited countless businesses, and his commitment to improving the eCommerce experience continues to drive his innovative work.

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James Kemp

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