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Gabriel Kanev

Project Owner

A WordPress expert with a broad range of skills in pre-sales, e-commerce, scaling, tech support, business management, and product management. Gabriel is deeply passionate about technology and has a sharp eye for detail. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in helping businesses optimize their online presence and achieve remarkable success.

Gabriel’s journey began with WordPress, where he discovered his love for web development. As he delved deeper into the platform, he realized its immense potential for businesses to create impactful websites, manage online stores, and establish a solid online presence. Gabriel quickly honed his WordPress expertise, becoming a valuable resource for companies seeking to leverage its power. – ( Who doesn’t love the old admin panel …?)

With a strong background in pre-sales, Gabriel understands the importance of understanding clients’ unique needs and goals. He excels in communication, gathering requirements, analyzing business processes, and proposing tailored solutions that align with the client’s objectives. Gabriel’s ability to empathize with clients and provide comprehensive guidance has earned him a stellar reputation as a trusted advisor.

Scalability is another area where Gabriel shines, recognizing the challenges businesses face as they grow. He has hands-on experience developing scalable WordPress architectures, ensuring websites and online stores can handle increased traffic, maintain fast load times, and accommodate growing user bases. Gabriel’s ability to anticipate scalability challenges and devise robust solutions has been invaluable in helping businesses maintain a seamless online presence during periods of rapid growth.

Gabriel Kanev

My working hours are in the following time zone: Europe/Sofia

My region is:

Topics I speak about include:

  • Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Hosting
  • Product Management
  • Tech Support

Language(s) I can present in:

  • Bulgarian
  • English


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