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David Levine

AxePress Development

I am a PHP/WordPress developer specializing in Headless WordPress and WPGraphQL. A former nonprofit project manager and consultant, I’ve been developing WordPress solutions for nonprofit, education, and enterprise clients since 2013. Born and raised in New Jersey, USA, I’ve recently been spending the bulk of my time in Tel Aviv.

Over at AxePress.dev, I maintain and support several free WPGraphQL extensions and one of the contributors to the core WPGraphQL plugin. I donate a portion of my client work as development hours to the headless WordPress ecosystem, and offer steep discounts for work that can be upcycled back to the FOSS community.

I can bore you for hours talking about the WPGraphQL ecosystem and the future of WordPress, and when I’m not doing that I’m working my @$$ off to make feature parity between traditional and headless WordPress a near-term reality.

I live with a condition called CRSD-FRT. In practical terms, that means I’m happy available for online sessions in any time-zone, but find it hard to participate in in-person events.

Additional topics: Headless WordPress, Multisite, Nonprofit / Education, WP-as-a-Service

David Levine

My working hours are in the following time zone: America/New_York

My region is: Israel

Topics I speak about include:

  • Community
  • Development/Code

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