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Amber Hinds

CEOEqualize Digital

Amber Hinds is the CEO of Equalize Digital, Inc., a Certified B Corp specializing in WordPress accessibility, maker of the Accessibility Checker plugin, lead organizer of the WordPress Accessibility Meetup, and Board President of the WordPress Accessibility Day conference. Through her work at Equalize Digital, Amber strives to create a world where all people have equal access to information and tools on the internet, regardless of ability. Since 2010, she has led teams building websites and web applications for nonprofits, K-12 and higher education institutions, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes, and has become a passionate accessibility advocate.

Amber Hinds

My working hours are in the following time zone: America/Chicago

My region is: Austin, Texas, USA

Topics I speak about include:

  • Accessibility
  • Business
  • UX/UI

Language(s) I can present in:

  • English



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